WARNING: To the best of my knowlege the following files are safe and stable enough to run. Of course you never know what might go wrong, so i make no guarantee that the things you download from this page won't crash your machine, lose data etc. Use of this software is entirely at your own risk!


Jujutool 1.06

Funky command line tool. (well maybe not funky, but useful!) Go to the Jujutool page for more information.


Adobe Photoshop plug-in: RenderGrid

allows you to draw grids of any size or angle in a photoshop image. Also includes radial/circular option.

To install, unzip and copy into the plug-ins/filters folder in your photoshop folder.


Screenplay Template

An MS Word template designed for writing screenplays (movie scripts). Simple but effective, with optional color hilighting. (This link is just a 73K file wrapped in a zip, because if you click on a link to a *.DOT file MSIE will open it directly in the browser window. God knows why ;)

To install, unzip and copy to your MSWord template directory (you dont have to put it there, but it is the best spot if you want it to appear in your "New Document" options)