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There is now an amazing ECMAScript port in active development by Jeremy Sachs


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OLD "Classic" Windows Demo


Version: 0.15
Size: 297 KB
Created: Aug 13, 2005


The demo consists of a single executable with no installation required. You just run it. And it probably won't kill your computer. It will start fullscreen in 'auto' mode, which means it will just drive itself around and around. If you want to tinker a bit press F1 to see available key controls.


DISCLAIMER: I do not warrant that this piece of software will bring you happiness or peace of mind, or even run on your computer.

Known Issues

Even Older Versions

For posterity?

0.13*, 0.12, 0.11, 0.10, 0.02

* requires DirectX9 for sound, and is less graphically nice than the new one.

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