Status: abandonware (Source not available)

Version: 1.44

Built: Sept 1, 2006

Expires: Never

Download: jujuedit-1.44.exe

JujuEdit is a file editor, or alternatively a text editor with knobs-on. It is an application designed for me and people like me. At its simplest, it makes a fine replacement for Notepad. It may appeal more to computer nerds who like syntax hilighting and advanced find/replace algorithms.

More specifically, it is an application which is as non-destructive as possible: When you open a file, JujuEdit does NOT convert it into an internal file format. All conversion and interpretation is done on the fly, so that at any point during an edit you can choose to view your file in a different mode (ANSI/Unicode/UTF-8/Installed Code Pages/Binary), without the underlying data being converted. This was an important design decision which is to my knowledge unique to JujuEdit. It means that JujuEdit will tolerate unusual or unexpected characters (like NULLs or inconsistent CR/LF line endings) without clobbering them.