JujuEdit - Screen Shots

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Syntax hilighting enabled, word wrap on. Toolbar and status bar are of course optional.

Font Anti-aliasing . The main screen is rendered using the system font renderer. The inset font is rendered using Jujusoft renderer. User can easily toggle between the two.

You can see here that font anti-aliasing really comes into its own with a dark background (or perhaps you cant, and it's just my monitor ;)

Formatting characters visible. Syntax hilighting enabled, word wrap off. Note that a simple LF (appearing after </HEAD> close tag) is distinguishable from a CRLF (appearing at other line ends).

Syntax hilighting enabled, word wrap off. Note that the toolbar wraps appropriately with the small window.

Binary (hexadecimal ) mode. Note that syntax hilighting is still functional.

Binary (16bit hexadecimal). Note that characters are now 16 bit instead of 8 bit. This allows for binary viewing of wide character text. All binary modes support 1,2,3 or 4 byte characters, little- or big-endian.

Binary (true binary !) mode. Yes, you can actually view and edit files as real ones and zeros!

Binary (decimal ) mode. An unlikely mode, but not as unlikely as octal, which is also supported.

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